The Place


Hotel Rural Caserío de Mozaga is a traditional canarian countryhouse built in late XVIII century and listed in the Historic Catalogue of Lanzarote located in an estate of approximately 10.000 sqm.

The house has been the property of the same family and served as their home since its construction. The family has lived since then without interruption.

Back in 1998, its present heir and owner conducted a thorough renovation of the house to adapt it to hotel and touristic use, maintaining part of it for private use as her home.

The renovation made special emphasis in keeping harmony between the old and the new elements. The aim was to maintain all antique structural, architectural, furniture, family old paintings and objects.

Far from being a conventional hotel, Caserío de Mozaga is a rural hotel with cozy facilities perfectly integrated into the volcanic landscape that surrounds it. In its large gardens of black sand and its comfortable rooms, living a history that is difficult to forget is possible. Here you will enjoy the slow pace of the days, the singing of birds and dreamy afternoons of reading accompanied by a glass of local wine. Thus, little by little, you will integrate into the interesting local culture and its authentic experiences. It is our wish that our guests enjoy the peace, nature and beauty of Lanzarote and discover its special luminosity and mild weather

If luxury means for you escaping from the busy day to day and enjoy relax and nature be sure that there is no place than Lanzarote to find it.